PE1215S,newly developed slanted- flow turbocharger specially for the MR-S.Boosting commences at 1300rpm and reaches full boost of 0.45 kg.cm2 (6.35psi) at 2700rpm,enhancing the 1ZZ-FE7s power and torque.

6psi(200hp at 6300 RPM and 180 ft-lb at 3000 RPM) Without sacrificing engine's longevity, the PE1215S kit enhances MRS 1ZZ-FE engine's power and torque characteristics to its best performance. PE1215S turbo(IHI PE spec) charger, A/R of 15, has over 250HP flow capacity. It starts boosting at 1300 rpm and becomes full boost of 0.45kg.cm2 (6.35psi) at 2700rpm. Generating 70+ more HP on the stock 1ZZ-FE motor.
 ■ Kit consist of :

 1. PE1215S turbine

 2. Stainless steel exhaust manifold
 3. Stainless steel turbo out let pipe
 4. Fuel pressure regulator (In tank)
 5. Air Impulse II air filter w/adopter
 5. Water & oil lines


 ■ PE1215S Complete Turbo Kit
Price (tax included) :US$4830