★ They are all race scenes F1 ultimate weapon for winning!

 PWR F-1 Black Bearings are coated with 15μ overlay. This keeps remarkable performance of F-1 Black Bearings. These surfaces are serrate like small pyramids stand in a row. The plane surface of the normal bearings touch the crankshaft, on the other hand, the points of these pyramids of PWR bearings touch the crankshaft. This means that friction is reduced considerably. PWR F-1 Black Bearings generate less heatthan normal bearings and lower the temperature of the crankshaft by 20℃ less than normal kelmet bearings. Moreover, oil can stay on the serrate surface of F-1 Black Bearings and helps smoothness. PWR F-1 Black Bearings realize high potentiality by reducing friction of the crankshaft and high durability by lowering the temperature of the crankshaft. Actually, PWR F-1 Black Bearings have twice the life span of normal bearings. 


■ Friction rate curves
■ Temp.measurement on race engines

Conformity for F1 BLACK METAL